The boat which the New York Yacht Club picked to meet the Canadian challenger was the schooner Madeline, owned by John S. Dickerson, then commodore of the Brooklyn Yacht Club. There was no question that this boat was entitled to be called the “champion” American schooner, as she had been the most consistent racer in the fleet since 1873, and in that year is said to have won every regatta in which she started.

She was built in 1868, as a sloop, by David Kirby, a well-known yacht builder of that day, and after suffering numerous alterations, including change of rig to a schooner, she later became one of the “fliers” of an unusually fine fleet of yachts. She was about the same size as the Countess of Dufferin, having an over-all length of 106 feet and 24 feet beam, her tonnage being a little more than that of the Canadian, though the two boats were of the same general type, and both were center-boarders.

Madeleine : DATA TABLE
Designer John B. Voorhis
Builder David Kirby, Rye
Owner John S. Dickerson
Club New York Yacht Club
Cup Edition 3(1876)
Skipper Josephus Williams
Launching 1868
Type Centerboard schooner
Hull material Wood
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 32,30 m
L.W.L. 28,96 m
Beam 7,35 m
Draft 5,02 m
Mainmast 22,40 m Foremast  
Mainboom 18,70 m Bowsprit  
Maintopmast   Foretopmast  
Maingaff   Foregaff  
Displacement 151,5 tons
Sail area  
End of life : 1907: neglected in a west coast bay of Florida


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