PriscillaLinesVOn February 26, a design by A. Cary Smith, and designs and models by others were shown at the meeting of the New York Yacht Club and Mr. Smith's design was adopted. On March 9 a meeting of the America's Cup Committee was held for a final decision on the type of the defender.
The contract for the Bennett-Douglass yacht was given to Harlan & Hollingsworth of Wilmington, Delaware, builders of Mischief, ...

... calling for completion of the hull in sixty days; the spars were ordered from Poillon Brothers, the rigging from Phillip Low, and the sails from Wilson & Griffin.

The leading dimensions of Priscilla proved to be: l.o.a., 95 feet; l.w.l., 35 feet,; breadth, 22 feet 7 inches; depth, 9 feet; draft, 7 feet 9 inches. As became known later, she was flush-plated with ⅜-inch iron, her frames were angles 3½ by 2½ spaced 21 inches, her centerboard was of yellow pine banded with iron straps, 21 feet long and 4 inches thick, the trunk was 25 feet long and 7 inches wide, of 5/16 iron, with half-round iron as guards on the inside. Her bulwarks were 15 inches high, with a rail 5 by 3½ inches.


Designer A. Gary Smith
Builder Harian & Hollingsworth Company
Owner James Gordon Bennett and William P. Douglas
Club New York Yacht Club
Cup 1885 - 1886
Skipper  Capt. Sam Gibson
Afterguard  Capt. Than Clock, Capt. Hank Haff
Launching May 21, 1885
Type Sloop
Hull material Iron
Mast material Wood
L.O.A. 95 feet
L.W.L. 85 feet
Beam 22 feet 5 inches
Draft 7 feet 9 inches
Mainmast 59 feet
Bowsprit 35 feet 2 inches (39' 5" en 1886)
Maintopmast 45 feet (48' en 1886)
Displacement 114 tons
Sail area 7448 sq. ft
End of life  In 1932, still afloat in the Bahamas


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