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The Alarm winning the Ladies Challenge Cup. At Cowes Augt. 1830As the cutter Arrow, Alarm was designed and built by Joseph Weld. It was launched at the Inman shipyard on May 10th, 1830. She cost £20,000 (£1.10m today 2003) but exceeded all other cutters in terms of tonnage and was the final development of racing cutters at that time.
Alarm won the King's Cup in 1830 beating Mr Maxse's Miranda, in 1831 beating Lord Belfast's Louisa and in 1832 beating the Duke of Norfolk's Arundel....

...Lord Belfast gained some revenge in 1831 by beating Alarm with this Louisa for 1000 guineas in another match race.

In 1833 she met Lord Belfast's new yacht Waterwitch and, in spite of beating her by over 34 minutes, was disqualified, as the Memorials of the Royal Yacht Squadron records, "as a result of Mr Weld's unfortunate habit of breaking the rule of crossing an opponent on the larboard tack".

Alarm (shown below in her original form) was enlarged in 1852. She was one of the most famous of the early Squadron yachts. Probably as a result of America's influence, Joseph Weld had her lengthened by 20 ft at the bow, which was remodelled, and rigged as a schooner in 1852. This increased her tonnage to 248 tons.

Builder Thomas Inman
Owner Joseph Weld
Club Royal Yacht Squadron
Launching May 10th, 1830
Type gaff cutter
L.O.A. 82 pieds
Beam 24 pieds
Rating 193 tons


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Prize list (incomplete)

- King's Cup 1830: Alarm beats Mr Maxse's Miranda.

Cutter Yacht ALARM, Royal Yacht Squadron, 1841- King's Cup 1831: Alarm beats Lord Belfast's Louisa.

- King's Cup 1832: Alarm beats Duke of Norfolk's Arundel.

- Her Majesty's Cup (Queen's Plate) 1838

- Her Majesty's Cup1844 (cutter 193 tons)

- GREAT REGATTA AT BRIGHTON 1853. July 21st -> A schooner race for 120 guineas, of and above 50 tons cm., belonging to any Royal Yacht Club.
1- Alarm – 248 tons – J. Weld, Esq. - 3h 45m 0s
2- Sverige – 280 tons – Vice-Commodore Bartlett - 3h 47m 0s
Alarm wins by two minutes in a distance of full 52 miles performed by the winner in 4 hours 20 minutes.

- 23rd August 1853: Private Match between the R.Y.S. Schooner Alarm, Joseph Weld, Esq.,and the Swedish Yacht Aurora Borealis,Captain Bechman, round the Isle of Wight, on Tuesday, the 23rd August 1853.
The Alarm being the winning vessel by only 2minutes.

Alarm Off Osborne - by Leonard J. Pearce- Her Majesty's Cup1854 schooner beating Shark, Titania, and Ginevra.

- Royal Yacht Squadron Cup 1854, August 19th., value of 100 sovereigns. The cutters Julia, Arrow, and Osprey started against Ginevra, Alarm and Titania : there was a pleasant breeze from W.S.W., and after an exceedingly good race, Alarm was declared the winner.

- Royal Yacht Squadron Cup 1855, August 15th. The Alarm, Wildfire and Gloriana started with a slashing breeze, which suited these now famed vessels. Alarm took the lead and kept it throughout, beating Gloriana 25m and Wildfire 34m 20s.

- QUEEN'S CUP 1858: 100 guineas for schooner - winner Alarm 248 tons 8,891 sq. ft canvas

- Her Majesty's Cup1858 schooner

- Royal Thames Yacht Club Regatta 1861: 4th July - The Alarm won by upwards of five minutes (corrected time)

In our Illustration our Artist friend, Mr. Fowles of Ryde, has taken them when passing the Quarantine Ground, with Osborne, Her Majesty’s marine residence, and Norris Castle in the distance.- MATCH ALARM AND AMERICA: August 5th, 1861 - A MATCH between these celebrated yachts has for a long time been looked forward to with considerable interest. The event of Monday August 5th created almost as much excitement as was manifested in 1851 on the first appearance of the America in our waters.
Arrival as follows:
- Alarm 5h 54m 5s
-America 6h 31m 10s
Alarm being the winner by 37m. 6s.

- Her Majesty's Cup 1861: August 8th for schooners of the R.Y.S. above 100 tons - Alarm wins by 10m 51s actual time, beating the schooners Aline, 216 tons, Capt Thellusson, Galley of Lorn, 280 tons, Marquis of Breadalbane and Albertine, 156 tons. Lord Londesborough.