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Real "snapshots"

There are not many pictures of America. Yet his long career has largely overlapped the existence of cameras, we must believe she really was forgotten as evidenced by her end of life. Fortunately, she has inspired many painters in various styles but realism often left us beautiful "shots".



August 1891
America en Août 1891
About 1910
America aux environs de 1910

Model Yachts
Note that this is not America's rig as that with which she won the £100 Cup in 1851: Donald McKay and Edward Burgess refitted her in 1875 and 1885 respectively. By 1887, the rake in her masts was reduced, all her spars were lengthened, she featured a lead keel and carried two extra headsails and a fore gaff topsail. An enlarged rig and modernised build would have kept the ageing America competitive in the light yankee airs.


Tim Thompson

Squally day in the Solent

America and her rivals on the start line

Schooner America off Cowes


America, Arrow, Freak & Alarm

The Schooner

Three Cheers for America

America approaches the Needles

America salutes the Royal Family


America Wins

America Trounces the British Fleet

America and Victoria & Albert

America Off Cows

America off the Long Island Shore



John Mecray


John Mecray Limited Editions

AMERICA rounding the Needles

J. Russell Jinishian Gallery, Inc.




Russ Kramer

Yacht America: No Second Place

AMERICA rounding the Needles


James Edward Buttersworth

The Sloop 'Maria' Racing the Schooner
Yacht 'America,' May 1851

American Schooner Yacht Off Dover

Yachts Off the Line

Schooner AMERICA Off New York

Castle Garden

The First America's Cup Race


Anthony D. Blake

A close race. "Aurora", "Beatrice" and
"America" pass Osborne House

Fair Wind To Victory

The America passing the Victoria and Albert
off the Needles

A Great Victory."America" finishes first
off the Castle, Cowes, Isle of Wight

The AMERICA and sloop of war MARION
leave Boston in the summer of 1863

"America" and "Constitution"
leave Newport in the summer of 1865

"Magic" leads "America" and "Cambria" past Fort Wadsworth,
America's Cup, August 8th,1870

"America” sails into Newport with the N.Y.Y.C. and E.Y.C. fleets,
August 15th, 1880.


Roy Cross

Trial of Speed

America, 1851

Yacht AMERICA Off the Needles, August 1851

The First America's Cup Race


Carol and Mike Werner


Donald Demres

Carl G. Evers

Philippe Conrad

AMERICA Crossing the Atlantic

Schooner Yacht AMERICA c. 1863

Schooner "America" sailing


Edward Holt

Fitz Hugh Lane

J.Franklin Wright

America, the Finish Line 1851

The Yacht 'America' Winning
the International Race

Schooner Yacht AMERICA - 1851


James Bard

Lyonel Feininger

Mark Greene

America, schooner yacht

The Glorious Victory of the Sloop 'Maria'

Schooner Yacht AMERICA - 1851


Vincent del Piano

Salvatore Colacicco

Oswald W. Brierly


Yacht America In The Mediterranean

The « America »


William G. Muller

John Stobart

Yacht AMERICA Leaves New York Bound for England, 1851



John Hughes

Jim Bolland

Thomas Hoyne

Leonard J. Pearce

The schooner yacht America to
windward of other competitors

The schooner yacht 'America'
in New York 1851

1851 schooner yacht America

'America' 1851


Shane Michael Couch

Roald U. Arndt

John Fraser

Ellery Thompson

The famous schooner yacht
America in the East River

in New York 1851

The Yacht 'America'

Schooner Yacht America


Richard Lane

Shane Michael Couch

"Two Champions" America & Puritan 1885
America's Cup Trials

Yacht America in New York Narrows 1886
Oil on canvas 12x18inchs