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ArrowV“The epitome of the first sixty years of salt-water racing”

Arrow was 61 feet 9½ inches long by 18 feet 5¼ inches beam, with a depth of hold of 8 feet 8 inches. She had the usual round barrel-like bottom, and, so far as can be learned, a round, short bow, the run being fair and easy, the small midship section lending itself pleasantly to this.

The original Arrow was modeled and built somewhere about 1822 by Mr. G. Inman for Mr. Joseph Weld of Lulworth Castle but was largely the product of her owner’s ideas of design.

It was not until after Mr. Chamberlayne's death that his son permitted the lines as here shown to be published in The Field, March 1879, her dimensions then being: l.o.a., 90 feet 2 inches; l.w.l., 79 feet 2 inches; breadth, 18 feet 4 inches; depth, 8 feet 2 inches; draft, 11 feet 6 inches; displacement, 106 tons; ballast, 40 tons (on keel, 13.7 tons) ; area of lower sails, 4,680 square feet. By this time she had been repeatedly rebuilt, the length for tonnage had grown from the original 61.75 to 81.4, showing a lengthening of 20 feet; in fact, nothing was left of the original Arrow but her midship section.
At this date, which ended her racing career of 53 years, she was described among a fleet of more modern yachts as being “the most formidable cutter afloat."


 Designer   Joseph Weld
 Builder   G. Inman
 Owner   Thomas Chamberlayne
 Club   Royal Yacht Squadron
 Cup   1851
 Launching   1821
 Type   Cutter
 Hull material   Wood
 Mast material   Wood
 L.O.A.   72' 11
 L.W.L.   62' 4 1/2
 Beam   18' 6
 Draft   11'
 Mainmast   16 m
 Mainboom   18,27 m
 Bowsprit   5,40 m
 Maintopmast   11,94 m
 Maingaff   13,21 m
 Sail area   4130 Sq ft

The Royal Yacht Squadron's Famous Cutter Arrow Under Full Sail

James H. Forrest


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