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SHIP YARD WORKERS BUILDING ATLANTICThe Atlantic is a wooden sloop built in the Mumm yard in Brooklyn for a syndicate of members of the Atlantic Yacht Club. She was launched on May 1, 1886.

Its dimensions are 95 feet 7 inches overall length, 84 feet waterline, 23 feet 2 inches beam, bilge depth of 10 feet 6 inches and draft 8 feet 6 inches tall.

The main mast is 50 feet, with a gaff of 47 feet and a boom of 76 feet 6 inches. The area of the mainsail is 4,000 square feet, the jib 1,150 square feet: the topsail club measures 1,560 square feet, and the ball jib at the head 4,100 square feet. The spinnaker pole is 72 feet long, the sail area 8,240 square feet. His racing wardrobe is fifteen in total.

Priscilla, Puritan, Atlantic, June 15, 1886Between Priscilla of the New York Yacht Club and Atlantic, there is a great deal of rivalry. Scientific yachtsmen turn up their noses at the Atlantic because she is built on the principle of the "rule of thumb» and not from any results of mathematical calculation. Her creator is Phil. Ellsworth, from the famous New York family of oyster farmers and coastal sailors.

The new sloop yacht Atlantic has made its maiden voyage on May 30. After five hours of navigation, it more than met the expectations of her designer and manufacturer.

THE MAYFLOWER’S VICTORY. NEW YORK, August 21.-The first of the three trial races to select a yacht to sail against the British cutter Galatea resulted in a decisive victory for the Boston sloop Mayflower, which beat the sloop Atlantic by 9 minutes 51 seconds, the sloop Puritan of 11 minutes 11 seconds and the sloop Priscilla of 18 minutes 29 seconds.

Mayflower and AtlanticSANDY HOOK August 25: Mayflower won the second trial race today and has been selected to contest with the Galatea for the America's Cup.

Commodore L A. Fish, who contributed most of the funds for building the big sloop Atlantic, did not attend the Cup races. After the Atlantic was put out of commission, he boarded his schooner Grayling with a group of friends for a cruise to Maine. His friends hope he will buy the Atlantic.

The Atlantic sold. NEW YORK, November 4.-The sloop yacht Atlantic was sold today for $7,500. Ex-Commodore L. A. Fish, a member of the firm of Vermilye & Co., owners of the Grayling, was the buyer. Her construction cost $30,000.

E.C. Homans' sloop AtlanticCONDENSED DESPATCHES. March 25, 1887: The owners of the sloop yacht Atlantic are anxious to arrange a race with the Mayflower when the latter starts for Europe.

New-York tribune, May 21, 1887: The rehabilitated giant sloop Atlantic, is now the property of Mr. Ed C. Homans.

The sun. May 31, 1887: The Atlantic seems to be sailing better than last season, but she plainly lacks the qualities of a cup defender. The Shamrock beat her by 25 seconds.

YACHTSMEN SURPRISED - NEW YORK, June 8 1887- The big surprise was the easy victory of the Atlantic, whose lines have been more criticized than any yacht ever built, excepting of the Thistle. Whatever the reason for the improvement, the ugly-looking craft got away early in the race and won over the Priscilla and the cutter Galatea in a way that surprised everyone.

Frederiksted, July 3, 1888: While the schooner Atlantic was going into the harbor of St. Thomas at about 3 o'clock on Tuesday morning, she came into collision with a sloop which was coming out and sank her. The Atlantic boat was immediately lowered and three men were picked up. Two others were, however, drowned, one of whom was found, but down to Tuesday evening, the body of the other had not been found. The captain of the sloop recently had a somewhat similar accident, but the Vigilant did not behave so severely as then no lives were lost.Schooner Atlantic - Larchmont Yacht Club race 1894

The sun, November 09, 1888: Mr. Chauncey and the other owners of the sloop Atlantic have decided to turn her into a schooner, but few believe she will ever amount to anything for racing in the schooner class. The conversion of the sloop Priscilla into a schooner seems to have been a mistake.

Yachting Notes. The sun. April 09, 1889: The sloop yacht Atlantic has been sold, it is said, and her rig will be changed to that of a schooner.

The sun, October 15, 1891: The schooner Atlantic has changed hands, but the name of her new owner has not been made public.

The sun, September 01, 1892: MM. Seeley and Marshall, the young owners of the schooner Atlantic, have long been anxious to have a go at Ralph N. Ellis's fast schooner Iroquois, and for a time it looked as though a special race would be arranged, but negotiations fell through. However, they will both meet in the Larchmont special Schooner Race on September 13 and in the New York Yacht Club Race on September 15, so the public will probably have a chance to find out which is the faster boat.

The sun, May 23, 1893: C. Barnum Seeley, who with Wilson Marshall owned the schooner Atlantic, has sold his interest in the boat to Mr. Marshall, and it is said he will shortly buy another boat.

SHELTER ISLAND, July 17, 1894.- Wilson Marshall's schooner Atlantic won class B of the Larchmont Yacht Club special race.

E.C. Homans' sloop AtlanticLarchmont - JULY 18, 1899: Schooners- The Atlantic outsails the Latona for the second day of racing week.
. Larchmont - 18 JUILLET 1899: Schooners- Colonia l'emporte sur Atlantic par 5 minutes et 16 secondes,

The sun, April 12, 1903 - The largest of these auxiliaries fitted with steam engines is being built this year for Wilson Marshall of the Larchmont Yacht Club by the Townsend & Downey Shipbuilding and Repair Company at Shooter's Island... She will have a centerboard and be rigged as a three-masted schooner... The vessel is built of steel, her cost will be about $125,000 and she will have a crew of eighteen men. She was due to leave been out early in the season, but the strike of the shipbuilders has delayed the work, and Mr. Marshall will use the schooner Atlantic, which he still owns, until his new yacht is ready.

Plus de nouvelle ensuite de la "petite" Goélette Atlantic, sinon l'entrefilet suivant qui concerne une vente :
??? The sun, October 12, 1908 - Schooner Atlantic, sold by George C. Rector to W. T. Smith, Fulton Market, N.Y..