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AguimbauPLVArtist Layne Arguimbau grinds his own pigments from powders, makes his own grounds of gesso for panels and lead grounds for canvas. He cooks his own oil-resinous mediums in the tradition of the Flemish Masters from 1450 to the 1650, presently using extremely hard amber, sandarac and rosin varnishes.

ArguimbauPeterLayne2Painting in a traditional north light studio, he is a light effect painter with deep luminous transparencies, all of which give his paintings a rich old world quality.

A distinct 1850's chestnut barn is where the artist produces and exhibits his work. The sweeping pastures of neighboring Lion Share Farm dotted with its many horses and the beautiful stone walls meandering all throughout the property offer the tranquil pleasure and the privacy sought after by the serious artist needing a place to truly concentrate.ArguimbauPeterLayne

Layne Arguimbau paints in a specifically designed north light studio with shutters to direct the light source, modeled after the studios of the Dutch Masters. Natural light is God’s gift and by painting under north light it remains constant not allowing the shadows do not rotate with the sun as when the exposure in the suns path. Opening a shutter lets the artist beam a shaft of light down on his subject in an absolute controlled manner, in what appears to be a dark room, however the eye quickly adjusts and the light values become more apparent very much like the 1-9 gray scale photographer’s use.

People who paint using a southern exposure have been know to go crazy or move away from light effect painting also when there is too much light everything appears washed out . During the summer, the artist is sailing on Molly Rose, a classic catboat built in Martha Vineyard in 1935 with a 12 ft. beam, the large size cockpit suffices as a studio on the water away from home. The trick to plen-aire painting is to paint in the shade, again like north light where you can control the values.

Layne paints a variety of subject matter, specializing in marines and classic yachts. His commissions include portraits of yachts, views, portraits, animals. Commissions are all subject to an approved oil study, a visual contract, prior to the start of any painting, for reassurance for the client as well as a fixed objective for the artist.

ENDEAVOUR vs. SHAMROCK at Castle Hill Light, Newport, RI



Peter L. Arguimbau - 14 PAINTINGS
Match Racing
America’s Cup, 1893: Vigilant and Valkyrie II
Americas Cup
Columbia Running
Match Raising Trial Americas Cup
Columbia Racing 1901 America's Cup: oil, 27 x 23
A Perfect Day
Full Sails
America Cup Trials Columbia, Independence and Constitution
Wing on Wing - America' Cup off Newport
America Cup Trails
ENDEAVOUR vs. SHAMROCK at Castle Hill Light, Newport, RI
Power of the J's, Endeavor