Dufrais, Simon (1960-) UK (3)

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DufraisSVSimon Dufrais was born in 1960, and from a very early age he showed a prodigious interest in the sea. This exceptionally talented artist studied at the West Surrey College of Art and Design and also at Reigate College of Art, and after graduating he worked as a freelance illustrator of historical themes.

Although he has painted a series of both historical and military subjects, he is today best appreciated by collectors for his superbly detailed yachting scenes. His house and studio are situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, alongside the Dorsetshire coastline, and it is this idyllic environment which has enabled him to concentrate on depicting the ever changing, restless nature of the sea.

Simon has exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists in London, as well as prestigious venues in the United States, and his work today is to be found in private art collections all over the world.

Simon Dufrais - 3 PAINTINGS
Simon Dufrais
Columbia leading Shamrock
Simon Dufrais
"Shamrock V" and "Enterprise", The America's Cup, 1930
Simon Dufrais
Going for the line "Endeavor" and "Rainbow", The America's Cup, 1934